Marc Garrett Curriculum Vitae

Research and Publications

State Machines: Reflections & Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, & Art (2019). Edited by Yiannis Colakides, Marc Garrett, Inte Gloerich. Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam.

Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain (2017). Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner. Liverpool Press.

Catlow, R., & Garrett, M., (2016) Foreword, Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology. Eds Baker, Camille & Sicchio, Kate. Routledge.

Catlow, R., & Garrett, M., (2014) Don’t Just Do It Yourself, Do It With Others! The Paper Dimension of the Annual Click Festival. Page 46-47. Kutur Verftet, DK. Click Festival and Atlas Magazine.

Garrett, M., (2014) Disrupting The Gaze: Art Intervention and the Tate Gallery. Published in Uncertainty Reloaded by Digimag Journal. Issue 74 / Winter 2013.

Garrett, M., (2013) DIWO (Do It With Others): Artistic co-creation as a decentralized method of peer empowerment in today’s multitude. Peer reviewed paper for the SEAD Working Group on White Papers. Chaired by Roger F Malina, ATEC, UT Dallas. Co chaired by Carol Strohecker, Center for Design Innovation, University of North Carolina system.

Catlow R., Garrett, M., (2012) Do It With Others – No Ecology without Social Ecology, Remediating the Social. Page 69-74. Biggs, S., ed., ELMCIP, The University of Edinburgh.

Catlow, R., Garrett, M., Morgana, C., (2010) Artists Re:Thinking Games, book, FACT

Catlow, R., Garrett, M. (2008) NODE.London: Getting Organised Openly? Paper written for the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (online) Raunig, G. ed.

Catlow, R., Garrett, M. (2007) essay for Contributory Media in the Furtherfield Neighbourhood for Coding Cultures, Di Rimimi, F. ed., D/lux Media, Adelaide

Catlow, R., Garrett, M. (2006) NODE.London States of Interdependence in Media Mutandis: a NODE.London Reader, Surveying Art, Technologies and Politics NODE.London, Mute, London. Vishmidt, V., Francis, M.A., Walsh, J. and Sykes, L. ed.

Catlow, R., Garrett, M., (2006) Instructions Included, essay for DiY Survival, C6, London.

Askham, G., Catlow, R., Garrett, M., (2006) Games, Play and Connectivity, exhibition catalogue Q-Arts, Derby.
Public Speaking

2019 Keynote speech, Unlocking Proprietorial Systems: For a More Expansive Artistic Practice. Mapping festival. The Forum, Geneva.

2019 Book launch of Jugaad Time. Hosted fireside chat with author Amit Rai, Furtherfield Commons, London.

2019 Book launch of State Machines: Reflections & Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, & Art. Furtherfield Commons. London. Hosted and chaired panel. Editors present: Yiannis Colakides, Marc Garrett, Inte Gloerich. Contributors present: Max Dovey and Helen Kaplinsky, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak, and respondent Ruth Catlow.
2018 Book launch of Art After Money, Money After Art: Creative Strategies Against Financialization by Max Haiven. Hosted by Marc Garrett & Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield Commons. Respondents include: Austin Houldsworth, Dan Edlestyn, Brett Scott, Cassie Thornton, Kate Genevieve, Emily Rosamond, Jonathan Harris.

2018 Tell It Like It Is: Transmediale 2018 Opening Rally (Really). Special event. Transmediale. Berlin.

2018 Panel chair, for Nefarious Values: On Artistic Critique and Complicity. Transmediale. Berlin.

2015 Keynote with Ruth Catlow. Art, Technology, Human Existence, CLICK Festival seminars, Culture Yard, Helsingor, Denmark.

2015 Panel chair, for EYES FROM A DISTANCE, On Drone-Systems and their Strategies. Disruption Network Lab. In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien Berlin

2014 Keynote with Ruth catlow. Spatialities of Co-Creation, Collaboration and Peer Production in the Digital Age, Royal Geographical Society Conference. Convened 3 panels and a Furtherfield field trip with Dr Penny Travlou and Ruth Catlow, August 2014. Edinburgh University.

2014 Presentation with Ruth catlow. New Media Art in London, Cybersalon event, New Media Art.

2012 Keynote with Ruth catlow. speakers at Remediating the Social ELMCIP, The University of Edinburgh. Do It With Others (DIWO!) and Media Art Ecologies.

Curatorial Activity

2017 Monsters of the Machine: Frankenstein in the 21st century, Laboral
2015 The Netartizens Project, co-curated with Ruth Catlow and Randall Packer associated with The Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium, presented by the School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore | World Wide Web.
2014 Beyond the Interface, ISMAR, Munich.
2014 Digital Zoo: Life from the world wild web, a touring exhibition to 5 UK shopping centres co-curated with Ruth Catlow.
2014 Do It With Others (DIWO), CLICK Festival, Culture Yard, Helsingor, Denmark co-curated with Ruth Catlow.
2013 A Hacker Manifesto v4.0 & The ARPANET dialogues. ReadingClub sessions, in collaboration with Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez.
2011 Free Yourself?, a collection co-curated with Ruth Catlow for Electronic Village Hall (a University College Falmouth, project).
2011 Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art, online collection commissioned by Arts Council England Knowledge Bank, mirrored by the Foundation for Peer To Peer Alternatives co-curated with Ruth Catlow.
2006 Node.London Season of Media Arts, London (voluntary organisers).
Curation at Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion, London, UK

Co-curator, with Ruth Catlow of exhibitions at Furtherfield Gallery (formerly HTTP). London’s first dedicated gallery for networked media art

9 May – 20 Oct 2019. Time Portals exhibition. Featuring artists: Antonio Roberts, Studio Hyte, Rachel Jacobs, Thomson & Craighead, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, Elsa James and Carl Smith, James E. Marks, Marius Matesan, Chris Szkoda, Hugo Stanbury.
1 July – 20 August, 2017. Children of Prometheus exhibition. Featuring Artists: Anna Dumitriu (in collaboration with Melissa Grant and Rachel Sammons), Carla Gannis, AOS (Art is Open Source), Simon McLennan, and Alan Sondheim.
20 May – 25 June, 2017. NEW WORLD ORDER exhibition. Featuring artists: Jaya Klara Brekke, Pete Gomes, Rob Myers, Primavera De Filippi of O’Khaos, Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling, Max Hampshire, Lina Theodorou, xfx (aka Ami Clarke), Corina Angheloiu.

17 Oct – 22 Nov, 2015. The Human Face of Cryptoeconomics exhibition. Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion. London. UK. Featured artists: Émilie Brout and Maxime Marion, Shu Lea Cheang, Sarah T Gold, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Rob Myers, The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC).

25 April – 21 June, 2015. Beyond the Interface exhibition. Furtherfield Gallery, Featuring artists: Zach Blas, Branger_Briz, Mez Breeze, Heath Bunting, Jennifer Chan, Francesca da Rimini, Genetic Moo, Nathaniel Stern.

2014. Piratbyrån and Friends curated with Rachel Falconer, Furtherfield Gallery.

2013. Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Amerika; Glitch Moment/ums curated with Rosa Menkman; Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones!

2012. WWW: World Wild Web; Being Social; Invisible Forces with Class Wargames.

2011. Made Real by Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern; Art is Open Source.

2010. If Not You Not Me by Annie Abrahams.

2009. Do It With Others at the Dark Mountain; Feral Trade Cafe by Kate Rich; Whereof One Cannot Speak Thereof One Must Be Silent by Michael Szpakowski and Doron Golan.

2008. The Jeremy Bailey Show; Open Source Embroidery by Ele Carpenter.

2007. Zero Gamer: Sometimes We Just Like To Watch, as part of London Games Fringe Festival (also exhibited at Zero One).

2007. Do It With Others (DIWO): E-Mail-Art

2006. GAME / PLAY a national touring exhibition, curated with Giles Askham, also exhibited at London Trocadero as part of London Games Festival Fringe; Urban Eyes by Marcus Kirsch and Jussi Angesleva; Open Vice/Virtue: The Online Art Context by Andy Deck

2005. Abuse of the Public Domain by Stanza; Theatre of Restless Automata by Boredom Research; Eating Canvas by Jess Loseby; A SCAN Showcase: *DATA AGENCY*

2004. The Future Is Not What It Used To Be by Erkki Kurenniemi.

Selected Interviews Online

2018. Art, Debt, Health, and Care: Interview with Cassie Thornton.
2018. Discussing ‘Playbour – Work, Pleasure, Survival’ with Dani Admiss.
2018. Disruption Network Lab: Art as Investigating Misconduct & Wrongdoing. Interview with Tatiana Bazzichelli. Furtherfield.
2018. SUPERPOWER! Ling Tan on Young Women & Wearable Technology. Interview. Furtherfield.
2018. Interview with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst. Furtherfield.
2017. Choose Your Muse Interview: Ryota Matsumoto. Furtherfield.
2017. Addictive Behaviours: Interview with Artist Annie Abrahams. Catlow and Garrett. Furtherfield.
2017. Interview with ‘Monsters of the Machine’ Artist, Eugenio Tisselli. Furtherfield.
2017. Choose Your Muse Interview: Carla Gannis. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Lynn Hershman Leeson. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Mike Stubbs, Director of Fact in Liverpool. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Annie Abrahams. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Jeremy Bailey. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Igor Štromajer. Furtherfield.
2015. Drones: Eyes From A Distance. An interview with Dave Young. Furtherfield.
2015. Choose Your Muse Interview: Stanza. Furtherfield.
2015. Drones: Eyes From A Distance. An interview with Dave Young. Furtherfield.
2015. Capture All_Play – An interview with McKenzie Wark. Furtherfield. Garrett & Catlow.
2014. We Need to Talk About Networked Disruption and Business: An interview with Tatiana Bazzichelli. Furtherfield.
2014. The 1,000 Drones Project: an interview with Joseph DeLappe. Furtherfield.
2013. Commodify Us: Our Data Our Terms. Interview with Walter Langelaar. Furtherfield.
2103. A Life in AdWords, Algorithms & Data Exhaust. An interview with Erica Scourti.
2013. Jennifer Chan Interview: Interpassivity & Internet Pop Culture. Furtherfield.
2012. Community Memory through Appropriated Media: An Interview with Eugenio Tisselli. Furtherfield.
2012. Crowdsourcing a conspiracy. Interview with IOCOSE. Abandon All Devices.
2012. Community without Community in Digital Culture: An interview with Charlie Gere. Furtherfield.
2011. We Demand The Impossible: An Interview with John Jordan and Gavin Grindon. Furtherfield.
2011. An Interview with Dmytri Kleiner, author of The Telekommunist Manifesto. Furtherfield.
2010. The Status Project: Data-Mining Our Identities. Interview with Heath Bunting. Furtherfield.
2010. Meatspace and the World Inside the Machine. Interview with Danja Vasiliev. Furtherfield.

Selected Articles, Editorials, Reviews Online

2018. Furtherfield editorial – Border Disruptions: Playbour & Transnationalisms.
2018. Furtherfield editorial – Platforming Finsbury Park.
2018. Furtherfield, Spring Editorial 2018 Blockchain Imaginaries. Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett.
2017. Furtherfield editorial – Are We All Digital Cash Cows Now?
2016. Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud. Review. Furtherfield.
2015. Review of Body Drift: Butler, Hayles and Haraway. Book by Arthur Kroker. Furtherfield.
2015. Review of Robert Hewison’s book, Future Tense 25 Years Later. Furtherfield.
2014. Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World! Article. Furtherfield.
2014. Agit Disco VS The Zombie Apocalypse. Review Agit Disco by Stefan Szczelkun. Furtherfield.
2014. Review of Thomson & Craighead’s book ‘Flat Earth’, by Sarah Cook. Furtherfield.
2013. Furtherfield and Contemporary Art Culture – Where We Are Now. Article. Furtherfield.
2010 – 2011 Radio Interviews/Resonance FM.

Live weekly broadcasts on Resonance FM hosted by Marc Garrett, ran from 2010 – 2011. These hour long interviews featured people working at the edge of contemporary practices, in art, technology, and social change; discussing events and controversies, exhibitions, artworks and their aesthetic and social contexts. Co-run also with Dr. Charlotte Frost, Mirena Papadimitriou and Jonathan Munro.

Featured Guests: Rob Myers, Katrin Baumgarten, Penny Travlou, Karsten Schmidt & Daniel Hirschmann, Jake Harries, Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Simon Poulter, Ellie Harrison, Stanza, Stuart Bowditch, Eleonora Oreggia aka XNAME, Christian Kerrigan, Art is Open Source (AOS), Monica Biagioli, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner from Station Rose, Madi Boyd, Josephine Berry, Jonathan Munro, Gareth Goodison, Parag K Mital, University for Strategic Optimism, John Wild, Olga Panades Massanet, Vincent Van Uffelen, Richard Barbrook, Tine Bech, Joseph Young, sketchPatch
IOCOSE, Owen Bowden, Mary Flanagan, Anna Dumitriu, Tom Keene, Dr Simon Park, Deena DeNaro, Hellicar & Lewis, Stuart Home, Richard Wright, Jon Thompson & Alison Craighead, Corrado Morgana, Jim Prevet, Kasia Molga, Pete Gomes, Nick Lambert, Lottie Child, Space Makers Agency, Danja Vasiliev, James Wallbank, Steve Withington, Douglas Dodds, Sophie Macdonald, Sally Northmore.
Selected Exhibitions & Artistic Projects

2012 Festival of Money, short film with Ruth Catlow, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv. Screened at Zone Cinema, Brighton.

2010 At Winter Equinox We Burn the Sun, short film with Ruth Catlow, screened by DVBlog at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, and at The Zone, The Hundred Years Gallery, Brighton.

2009 We Won’t Fly For Art, with Ruth Catlow, shortlisted exhibited for the BASH, RSA and Ecology Sustainable Art Awards, London

2008 Darwin vs Creationism – Another Dilemma of Co-existence, net art performance with Ruth Catlow during artist residency – Liminal Screen Programme at Banff New Media Institute, Canada

2008 Driven- a Dilemma of Co-existence, net artwork with Ruth Catlow

2004 Dissension Convention. VisitorsStudio performance, Postmasters Gallery, New York

2003 VisitorsStudio, Creative director with Ruth Catlow and Neil Jenkins of this realtime, online platform for audiovisual remix, for which Furtherfield was awarded the 2009 Grand Net Art Prize by Machido Museum, JA

Haiven, Max (2019) Currencies of the undercommons: The hidden ledger of proletarian money sabotage. The State Machines Reader. State Machines: Reflections & Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, & Art.

Martin Zeilinger (2018) Contemporary Art Between Algomysticism and Fintech Activism. MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype. Editors: Inte Gloerich, Geert Lovink and Patricia de Vries.

Tkacz, Nathaniel & González, Pablo R Velasco (2018) Experience Money. MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype. Editors: Inte Gloerich, Geert Lovink and Patricia de Vries.

Stern, Nathaniel (2018) Ecological Aesthetics: artful tactics for humans, nature, and politics (introduction) Dartmouth College Press An imprint of University Press of New England.

Carreira, Lia. (2017) Experimental curating in times of the perpetual beta: strategies and platforms for online-based art. Media Arts Cultures. Media Arts Cultures Consortium.

Carrubba, Luca (2017) Cómo el arte contemporáneo ha reprogramado los juegos digitales: un análisis del fenómeno «Game Art». Publicaciones Deusto.

Baker, Camille (2016) ICT&ART Connect: Connecting ICT & Art Communities Project Outcomes. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Rossiter, Ned (2016) Software, Infrastructure, Labor: A Media Theory of Logistical Nightmares. Routledge.

Tyzlik-Carver, Magdalena (2016) Curating in/as Common/s: Posthuman Curating and Computational Cultures. School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.

Baker, Camille & Sicchio, Kate (2016) Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology. Routledge.

Trudel, Dominique. (2016) Alternative Communications Networks Throughout History Deliverable number: D5.1. Network Infrastructure as Commons. Horizon 2020 research project.

Gayer, Tanya (2016) Archives and Algorithms Compressing Socio-historical Distance. Sightlines. ​San Francisco: California College of the Arts, Visual and Critical Studies.

Malina, Roger F (2015) Steps to an Ecology of Networked Knowledge and Innovation Enabling new forms of collaboration among sciences, engineering, arts, and design OVERVIEW OF A REPORT ON THE SEAD WHITE PAPERS. MIT Press.

Alvarez, Maf’j. (2015) Female digital artists and their relationship with code – Examining the scarcity of women in creative technologies through a sociopolitical lens.

Fuchs, Natalia (2015) Polytech.Science.Art report 2015. Science.Art program, Polytechnic Museum. Russia.

McNally, Danny (2015) Introduction: Art, Encounters, Geography. Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Trammell, Aaron & Waldron, Emma Leigh (2015) Playing for Intimacy: Love, Lust, and Desire in the Pursuit of Embodied Design. Rated M for Mature: Sex and Sexuality in Video Games. Edited by Wysocki, Matthew & Lauteria, Evan w. Bloomsbury.

Barbrook, R. (2014) CLASS WARGAMES ludic subversion against spectacular capitalism, Verso.

Strang, David & Van Uffelen, Vincent (2014) transmission+interference: noise, resonance and territory. Plymouth University.

Ensslin, Astrid (2014) “Womping” the Metazone of Festival Dada: Jason Nelson’s evidence of everything exploding. Bangor University.

Dewdney, Andrew & Walsh, Victoria. (2014) Modelling Cultural Value in New Media Cultures of Networked Participation.

Nash, Adam & Riley, Dr Matthew (2014) Contemplative Interaction in Mixed Reality Artworks. ISEA International Foundation Board.

Dragona, D. (2013) Artists as Commoners in the Years of Indebtedness, Springerin.

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Malina, Roger F (2012) Network for sciences, engineering, arts and design. ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 Posters on – SIGGRAPH.

Southworth, Kate (2011) Overview of Electronic Village Galleries Pilot Project. The Cornwall Workshop.

Dennis, K., (2009) Art/Porn: A History of Seeing and Touching Hardcover, BERG.

Krysa, Joasia (2008) SOFTWARE CURATING The Politics of Curating in/as (an) Open System(s). School of Computing, Communications and Electronics Faculty of Technology.

Southworth, Kate (2007) Making intimate places through everyday rituals. Challenging Cultures of Death: Mercy Not Sacrifice The Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin.

Mitchell, Peter & Wilson, Evelyn. (2005) THEN:NOW. Reflections on a decade of collaboration between academia and the creative and cultural sectors in London. The Culture Capital Exchange Ltd.


PhD Birkbeck University of London, 2019.
Thesis topic: Furtherfield: Twenty Years of Art, Technology and Social Change.


Furtherfield Co-founder and co-director, co-curator and editor – Since 1996

Responsibilities include: Developing Furtherfield’s vision and mission through artistic and learning programmes, and physical and digital infrastructure: online, and at Furtherfield Gallery and Furtherfield Commons in the heart of Finsbury Park, London. Commissioning editor for Furtherfield’s online publication of review and critique of contemporary culture in art, technology and social change. Moderator of Furtherfield’s Netbehaviour email discussion list. Partnership development, UK and international. Curating and researching themes for Furtherfield exhibitions and developing national and international programmes for festivals and tours. Liaising with academic research partners.

Ongoing – Sessional Lecturer, Interaction design; Contextual Studies. Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

2014-15. Part-time Lecturer, Contemporary Art and Visual Culture. University of Westminster.

2008-2010. Sessional Lecturer, New Media Art History and Design; Digital Media Arts. London South Bank University.

2007-2009. Sessional Lecturer, Internet Art Studies and Design; Digital Media. University of East London.

2005-2007. Sessional Lecturer, Graphic & Digital Design; 3D Digital Design & Animation. University of Greenwich, London.

1998-2004. Sessional Lecturer, Interaction design; Contextual Studies. Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

1993-2005. Key worker. St Mungos Homeless charity. London.