Comments on setting up for the Piratbyrån & Friends exhibition

I was at the Furtherfield space yesterday & Met for the first time (in the flesh), Palle Torsson & Geraldine Juárez who are part of the (many) of Piratbyrån (The Bureau of Piracy). They are working with us to set up the Piratbyrån & Friends exhibition, opening on the weekend of 3 May 2014.

It struck me how fresh and alive they are as human beings, and so full of compassion in their dedication to change culture through their practices, in art, activism & technology. Piratbyrån also consists of many different people from all walks of life, which shows a real sense for emancipation. They seem to be of a younger generation than me – and quite scarily most of them on average about 10-15 years younger.

However, this gives me much hope. They are part of a diverse and younger generation who deeply understand that art is not just about the self, or conforming to the art market and its brands, they disrupt the script and consciously hack around these societal, blockages.

They are passionate, intelligent, alive and free in their hearts and minds. They take risks and live out what they believe, and this, I respect deeply. I am learning a few extra tricks from this infectious bunch. They have reminded me what’s really important in life.

For me, art is like a radical enlightenment – not a religious thing, but a grounded, egalitarian and democratic force as core values, and these connections are strong between radical enlightenment (look up ‘A Revolution of the Mind’ by Jonathan Israel), Hacktivism, Situationism, Media Art practice and networked art, alongside punk and DIY culture. This is my home, and where my best friends live, whether it be through the networks we all use, or in their writings and thoughts, or through their critically aware and engaged, artistic practice, at various levels – it is not fixed.