Reclaiming the Corporate Owned Self

The American born artist Jennifer Lyn Morone registered herself as a corporation in 2014, founding Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc. As the founder, CEO, owner, shareholder and product of her own company, she sells, leases, rents or invests her personal data for her own profit. She has commercialised her hormones and diamonds made from her hair, advertising them through satirical videos. In the Netopticon, the panopticon in which we live using platforms such as Facebook and Google, our data is vacuumed up to generate profits in an extreme form of capitalism.

Artist and curator Marc Garrett ( says that Jennifer Lyn Morone’s project turns the tables by shining the torch back onto the data hunters to study their behaviours and clarify the conditions of the data hunt, a dystopian act of genuine survival similar to what punks did when they picked up their instruments to forge a new era of social change, where outsiders found a voice for free expression.

Published by: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2017

Part of the Statemachines project

“State Machines* investigates the new relationships between states, citizens and the stateless made possible by emerging technologies. Focussing on how such technologies impact identity and citizenship, digital labour and finance, the project joins five experienced partners Aksioma (SI), Drugo More (HR), Furtherfield (UK), Institute of Network Cultures (NL) and NeMe (CY) together with a range of artists, curators, theorists and audiences. Workshops on blockchain technology, research into new cognitive models and forms of citizenship, and conferences on democratic participation and networked cultural production will be organised alongside art exhibitions, new commissions and publications, with the aim of building new kinds of literacy for digital understanding and participation. State Machines insists on the need for new forms of expression and new artistic practices to address the most urgent questions of our time, and seeks to educate and empower the digital subjects of today to become active, engaged, and effective digital citizens of tomorrow.”