Selected Curated & Co-curated Exhibitions and Events

Exhibition. Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Amerika. August. October 2013

Event. Seeds Underground Party. Shu Lea Cheang. August 2013
In conjunction with Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Amerika exhibition.

Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones! 1 – 26 May 2013.
Artworks and projects by Bureau of Inverse Technology (US & AU), Lawrence Bird (US), Patrick Lichty (US), Dave Miller & Gavin Stewart (UK), The Force of Freedom (NL) and Dave Young (NL).

Movable Borders: The Reposition Matrix Workshop – with Dave Young. May 2013.

Glitch Moment/ums. June – July 2013.
Curated by Rosa Menkman & Furtherfield. Featuring Alma Alloro, Melissa Barron (US), Nick Briz (US), Benjamin Gaulon (FR), José Irion Neto (BR), Antonio Roberts (UK) and Ant Scott (UK).

WWW: World Wide Web. October -December 2012.
Featuring: Paula Crutchlow & Helen Varley Jamieson (UK & NZ/DE), Andy Deck (US), Mary Flanagan (US), Genetic Moo (UK), Dominic Smith (UK), and Sarah Waterson (AU) –

Invisible Forces. June-August 2012.
Featuring: Class Wargames (UK), Kimathi Donkor (UK), The Hexists (UK), Laura Oldfield Ford UK), IOCOSE (IT), Dave Miller (UK), Edward Picot (UK), Olga P Massanet (ES) and Thomas Cade Aston (CA), and YoHa (UK).

Being Social. February-April 2012.
Featuring: Annie Abrahams (NL/FR), Karen Blissett (UK), Ele Carpenter (UK), Emilie Giles (UK), moddr_ (NL), Liz Sterry (UK) and Thomson and Craighead (UK).

Free Yourself? Collection curated for Electronic Village Hall (a University College Falmouth, project). 2011.
Featuring artwork by Rob Myers, Karen Blissett, Moddr, and Newstweak (Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev) (Furtherfield).

Made Real – Scott Kildall (US) & Nathaniel Stern (US) – May-June 2011.

REFF – REMIX THE WORLD! REINVENT REALITY! – Art is Open Source (IT). February-March 2011 reinvent-reality

In the Long Run – IOCOSE (IT) -November 2010

If not you not me – Annie Abrahams (NL/FR) – February-March 2010

Feral Trade Café – Kate Rich (UK/AU) – June-August 2009

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. January-March 2009.
Doron Golan (IL) and Michael Szpakowski (UK) –

The Jeremy Bailey Show – Jeremy Bailey (US) – September-October 2008

Open Source Embroidery: Craft and Code – Ele Carpenter (UK). May – June 2008
Also featuring Paul Grimmer, Tricia Grindrod, Jake Harries & Keith o’Faoláin, John Keenan, Trevor Pitt, Clare Ruddock, James Wallbank, and Lisa Wallbank.

Zero Gamer. October – November 2007
Featuring: Axel Stockburger (DE), TheGhost, Corrado Morgana (UK), Ziga Hajdukovic (SI), Progress Quest and JODI (UK).

Game/Play July-September 2006
Artists featured Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern / Jetro Lauha / Julian Oliver (UK) / Kenta Cho / Mary Flanagan (US) / Low Brow Trash / Paul Granjon / Simon Poulter (UK) / Giles Askham / Jakub Dvorsky / Long Journey Home/PRU/Q Club / Furtherfield / Tale of Tales.

Urban Eyes-Marcus Kirsch and Jussi Angesleva-June-July 2006

Open Vice/Virtue: The Online Art Context-Andy Deck– March-April 2006

Spio: a de-generative installation – Lucas Bambozzi -March-April 2006

Abuse of the Public Domain – Stanza UK) -December-January 2006