Interviews with Working Class Autodidacts Practising in the Field of Media Art, and Activist Art Culture

Interviews with Working-class Autodidacts Practising in the Field of Media Art, and Activist Art Culture. Introduction This paper draws from of an autoethnographic study about Furtherfield, London’s longest running centre for art and technology. Since 1996, the organisation has formed alliances with artists, technologists and activists, who have dedicated their lives to learning and updating... Continue Reading →

Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World

Prometheus 2.0: Frankenstein Conquers the World!, is about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and looks at science and technological determinism, and humanity’s bond with digital media and social networks. It includes human-machine relations, cyborgs, theories in cyber-culture, classical and SF literature and contemporary art practices across the fields of media art, hacktivism, activism, feminism and cyberpunk. It... Continue Reading →

Hack Value (Draft 2013)

(This is a draft of Hack Value - it will be updated and extended with more text and edits very soon) “We must allow all human creativity to be as free as free software”[i] (Steiner. 2008) Introduction The term hacking has been around for a long time. I almost hesitate to use the word. But,... Continue Reading →

Selected Curated & Co-curated Exhibitions and Events

Exhibition. Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Amerika. August. October 2013 Event. Seeds Underground Party. Shu Lea Cheang. August 2013 In conjunction with Shu Lea Cheang and Mark Amerika exhibition. Movable Borders: Here Come the Drones! 1 - 26 May 2013. Artworks and projects by Bureau of Inverse Technology (US & AU), Lawrence Bird... Continue Reading →

Selected Radio Interviews 2010-2011

Summary Interviews By Marc Garrett on Resonance FM, for Furtherfield between 2010-2011. These critically acclaimed live weekly broadcasts on Resonance FM, ran from 2010 - 2011. These hour long interviews featured people working at the edge of contemporary practices, in art, technology, and social change; discussing events and controversies, exhibitions, artworks and their aesthetic and... Continue Reading →

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