My Re-Enchantment

Art residency at Hamilton MAS from October to December 2022

This week I begin my three-month residency ending with an exhibition called The Re-Enchantment at the art project space, Hamilton MAS, Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK.

This residency and exhibition will allow me to reexamine my artistic connection with nature. After spending over 25 years working with digital technologies. I want to relearn what it’s like to be humanly connected to nature again in a technological world under the conditions of climate collapse. What personal questions will emerge through the artmaking process, and what kind of stories and images will begin to find themselves as the work progresses?

C24. Head and Hole 1. A4. Collage, paint, drawing. 2022. Marc Garrett.
Crow Boy Clutching at Tree, 1987, oil on Canvas, 8 x 5 ft. By Marc Garrett.

Our addiction to technology and capitalism has left us impoverished, where we are all devalued alongside nature. This new work marks a new episode in my life as a time for re-enchantment. It’s not just nature that urgently needs dealing with; it’s us. I aim to reconfigure my relationship with the world. I am reconnecting to art I made over thirty years ago when I lived in the countryside, bringing back themes that explored elements of folk mythologies and methods of abstraction mixed with figurative motifs. I will bring a hybrid approach that includes aspects of nature, drawing, painting, and other types of art making, ideas around networks, and the human body and mind. At the same time, it will reflect on aspects of my cancer condition, which I’m presently recovering.

Slug Art 2022.

“After cycling and getting back home, putting food waste into the compost bin and cleaning the cat sick off the bottom of my shoes, I found this amazing piece of slug art. The universe is telling me something.”

C25. Hole 2. A4. Collage, paint, drawing. 2022. Marc Garrett.

Residency Work Plan

I will work in the shopfront space of Hamilton Mas in front of passers-by, who will have the option to enter the space and ask questions about the work being made. These few months will be dedicated to producing a series of paintings and drawings on paper and canvas, eventually filling the gallery’s walls. At the end of this intensive period, I will stage an exhibition and an event and present the paintings, different types of art produced and the ideas explored. I will invite artists, conservationists, and experts relevant to the debate in the region for a public conversation about how life would be different without global digital technologies. After that, I intend to build on what has been gathered and learned to be included in a longer exhibition at Hamilton Mas in April 2023.